Welcome to my Web Site

Where you can see some of my photo galleries and also a selection of my audio visual slide shows.
I am so pleased to have this opportunity of sharing some of my photo galleries and my Slide shows with you.
Thank you for taking the time to have a look around my web site. and I hope that you will find something of interest to you.

This site is primarily about photography and making audio visual slide shows from your own photos and you will find some examples of my own early work on the Slide Shows Page.
You may also be interested in my pdf tutorials that you will find detailed, on the Tutorials Page. These tutorials are completely free and you can get them by emailing me with the name and number of the tutorial(s) that you would like and I will then send them to you.

I am currently rebuilding my web site using a program called RapidWeaver and, because of this, you will notice that information on some of the pages may not yet be complete. Please be patient and give me time to sort things out. However, if you have any comments that you think might be helpful send me a message via the Contact Me page.

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Most of the images in the Galleries section were taken with the Canon 1D Mark II or IDs Mark II. Both cameras were big and heavy and it was not possible to remove the battery hand grip in order to reduce the weight so, In August 2012, I decided to downgrade to the Canon 5D Mark II because this had an optional hand grip that included compartments for two batteries. More importantly, it was not quite heavy and, at my age, that is important.
Another advantage of the 5D mark II, is that it is able to shoot video in HD quality but, I have not yet used this added functionality. However, when I do, the results will added to my Slide Shows page and I will be very interested in your opinion of the results.

The Downloads page will be periodically updated to include slide shows that I have created, using an excellent program called 'PicturesToExe' and you are very welcome to download these for your own personal use.
Making slide shows can become very addictive and can also be a lot of fun.
If you want to make your own slide shows and would like to see just what PicturesToExe is capable of, You can download a demo slide show (for PC or Mac or iPad) HERE.
If you prefer not to download it to your computer, you can click HERE and then select the 'PicturesToExe Demo' and you can then watch it on YouTube.

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I have been a loyal fan of the singer Matt Monro since early 1960. He was one of the best loved vocalists in the world and, as the video on the right shows, he was able to deliver a song to perfection.
Unfortunately, Matt is no longer with us but his music will never die because he has left behind a legacy of CD's and DVD's that will live on for ever.

Further details will be entered here at a later date.